Our mission is to be uniquely limitless with our ability to meet our customer's personal vision. We creatively cater to each client's individualized ideas and suggestions. We thrive to make the experience as comfortable and fun as possible. We are committed to making each moment count. Looking at your memories will be breathtaking.  Our photographers are well experienced and have a wide range of portfolio. We tackle each project with a personal touch to transpose every clients vision of an event. We specialize in wedding coverage and we offer different packages to cater to every client. 

Silvermoon Creative Design is committed to excellent product outcomes due to our passion, creative thinking, artistry, skills, techniques and utilizing state of the art equipment to capture memorable moments that will last a lifetime. We make sure to provide services designed to meet our customers' explicit needs they truly deserve and venture to start our relationship built in trust. We fervently hope that you would consider us and be a part and contributor to the event's success.

Campaign Tools

Our mission is to assist you with growing your business through   sustainable marketing strategies, initiatives and tools. We are competitive with our rates while delivering stupendous quality services and products . 

Graphic Design

Our mission is to develop designs and creative concepts that you will be proud of utilizing to represent your business positively. Our product makes obvious statement of excellence that showcases your business like no other. Guaranteed profitability relies on strategic marketing tactics and that is where our spectacular services and dependability can surely assist you. Our team consists of designers that are proficient in Photoshop and Light Room Software to ensure quality and unique designs to cater to every clients needs.


Web Design

Our Mission is to produce original digital designs that will add value to your business.   Our highly trained programmers combined with our talented graphic design team create professional and timely work. Our web designs leave an outstanding remark and impression. 


Short Film

SilverMoon Creative Design  produces 1 to 5 minutes digital films for the client's audience. Showing short films in this manner will prime the audience on what the company offers. We also do these short films to capture the most memorable experiences for you as it transpires  be it  business related or personal. 


Our mission is to eliminate limitations on creativity by offering customized videography sessions. We base our concepts from your own personal vision as well as provide variety of recommendations to capture your experiences favorably and have a product that you will cherish in your lifetime or for your business promotions.  We leverage on technology by using the latest products for videos, from cameras to software we create memorable videos for our clients. Our editors are proficient in Adobe Premium Pro CC, Final Cut and Power Director.

Indeed, our services can congregate once in a lifetime events that family and friends can reminisce in the future.

IT Management

Our IT Services provides an alternative to the traditional “on premise” and "off premise" IT teams and infrastructures. We help your business leverage on technology systems and solutions to increase your productivity and profitability. Our IT management and ideas are advanced and highly competitive.  We design and implement your net work infrastructure from installing servers and computers to managing them to ensure smooth operation of your business.  We cater to any type of business or individual no job is too small or too big.


Document Design

We do documentation designs and formatting used for presentations, tracking, work ease and maximizing productivity.  ​
We deliver exceptional managed services,  strategic planning and consultation to optimize your business' technology ecosystem. 

Software and App Development


SilverMoon Creative Design helps you build a powerful software applications and business app. We create custom apps that is unique to your business needs. We leverage the infinite potential of products comparable to Apple and Android. By bringing the tools, processes, and expertise to ensure that your software development efforts meet all requirements and user demands. We help you focus on delivering great software.

Our Specialization:

                  • Web Development                            • Application Development 
                  • Single Page Application                    • Database Development 
                  • UI/UX Integration                               • Root cause analysis and solution implementation 

Our team are Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers and Specialist on programming in HT ML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.
Technical Skills:
                          • ASP.Net Web forms                                                   • SQL Server 2008/2012
                          • ASP.Net MVC                                                              • Unit Testing/Mocking
                          • ASP.Net Core                                                              • CSLA
                          • Entity Framework                                                      • Adobe Photoshop CS
                          • WCF/ASP.Net Web API                                            • E Crystal Reports 2008
                          • jQuery, Bootstrap                                                       • Experienced in Scrum Approach


Sound Equipment Rental

SilverMoon Creative Design  specializes in audio and video equipment rentals for:
Concerts, DJ Events, Tours, Conventions, Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Movie Projections, Press Conferences and more.
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