The company was founded by our passion to capture memorable moments of our own family events. We also thrive on productivity with the intent to always " work smart and not hard." We wish to impart our passion to our customers by delivering excellent products and making productivity high through the use of technology and ensure profitability for businesses that use our very wide and diversed array of services.
We  provide phenominal products and personalized services based on your specific needs when it comes to creative captures and designs. We thrive to help you capture and create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm.  Our philosophy is to provide our services in a "family-like manner" as this committment is where our company was founded. 

The company focuses on photography, videography, short film,graphic & web design and marketing. We offer a number of services including online marketing, website design / development, mobile website, identity branding / logo design, media collateral / print design and domain / web hosting / e-mail, short film and software and app development.

Our misison is to deliver the best to everyone we serve. By "The best", we mean the best designs, the best service, the best ideas, and the best quality. These four pillars have been the hallmarks of our company since it was founded. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.
"If there is anything that we can help you with please feel free to contact us."

Glenn Espiritu
SilverMoon Creative Design